Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The John H. Menkes Children & Family Dystonia Symposium

The DMRF will host a symposium this year for children and their families living with dystonia and we are pleased to announce that the symposium will be named in memory of Dr. John H. Menkes. Dr. Menkes was a special pediatric neurologist who helped to shape the DMRF as our first Medical and Scientific Director. Moreover, he was an extraordinary physician who knew that in treating a child with dystonia – you needed to treat the entire family. The symposium embodies the priorities Dr. Menkes thought important for young dystonia patients.

The symposium helps children affected by dystonia and their families to better understand dystonia through presentations by internationally recognized dystonia experts. Also important is the opportunity for these kids and their families to develop networks of friends who understand completely what it is like to live with dystonia. These networks are treasured, constant sources of support for those who attend.

The John H. Menkes Children & Family Dystonia Symposium is planned for August 14 to 16 in Chicago.

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