Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Academy of Neurology Meeting

This week the American Academy of Neurology is meeting in Seattle for their annual meeting. The DMRF has a booth there – giving us an opportunity to talk directly with neurologists about dystonia and how the Foundation can be a resource for them in meeting the needs of people affected by dystonia. We noticed that more and more general neurologists are coming to us to ask about our patient support programs, educational materials and how we might be able to work together to meet patient needs. This is progress and something the entire dystonia community should celebrate.

This meeting also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to meet with the leaders in dystonia clinical research, members of the Dystonia Study Group and others, to discuss our upcoming plans. We are so grateful to these dedicated physicians for their great work. Many of you know them and may even be treated by them so you know first hand how committed they are to improving the lives of those living with dystonia. There are exciting new things happening that will be announced in the next few months and we will keep you posted.

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