Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 DMRF Research Grants

On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, it gives me great pleasure to announce the 2009 research grants receiving important support this year. Deciding what grants to support is a difficult process and we could not do it without the assistance of the Foundation’s fabulous Medical & Scientific Advisory Board. Under the leadership of Mahlon DeLong, MD, DMRF’s Medical and Scientific Director and our Science Officer, Jan Teller, PhD, the members of the MSAC reviewed and discussed all applications submitted to the Foundation. Difficult decisions needed to be made on how best to invest our 2009 research funds and we were not able to support as many grants as we would have liked to have supported this year. Each of the grants supported will help us get that much closer to our goal of a cure for all forms of dystonia.

We are particularly happy with our decision to move ahead with our work with BioFocus to dramatically accelerate the drug discovery process by identifying and validating novel molecular targets for new treatments. This is the biggest project the Foundation has supported to date and we join with our partners, the Foundation for Dystonia Research and hopefully others to be announced soon, in putting this plan into action. We will report on this and the progress of our research projects throughout the year.

Those of you who are members and donors to the Foundation should know that because of your support, we are funding many of the brightest minds in dystonia research and you are helping to get us closer to a cure. Thank you! I invite you to take a minute to look at the projects we are funding this year.

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