Monday, August 23, 2010

DMRF Board of Directors

The board of directors of any organization is its backbone. A board is responsible for providing the leadership and guidance needed for an organization to achieve its mission. For the DMRF, our board of directors also serves as an inspiration for so many who are affected by dystonia. We are fortunate to have volunteer leaders on our board who have passion, intelligence and an unwavering dedication to our goal of ridding the world of dystonia. This is particularly important as it relates to the type of science programs the DMRF will support – the risks we are willing to take to advance our understanding of the causes of dystonia and what can be done to expand the menu of dystonia treatment options.

The DMRF Board of Directors held its mid-year meeting this month. This meeting is traditionally a time for the Foundation to review the progress we have made in the first six months of the year and to begin to plan for the coming year. This year was no different. During the meeting, the board reviewed the Foundation’s plans for an updated homepage so that visitors to the website could more easily find the information they need. The new page went live shortly after the meeting and the response by many has been very positive! There was good discussion regarding the newly revised educational brochures and what educational materials are still needed – and planning for what we can do to fill those needs. Discussions and plans also focused on advocacy and our network of support groups.

We also reviewed the progress of our scientific investigators – both grant holders and those researchers with whom we have contracted to do dystonia work. We are planning a host a grant holders workshop next year. This is important as it provides an opportunity for the dystonia research community to have a robust discussion about current research and what direction it should take going forward. In the next few months you will hear more about the 2011 research grant program, our role in the 5th International Dystonia Symposium, the John H. Menkes Children & Family Symposium, and much, much more.

On behalf of a grateful DMRF community, I want to thank the members of the our Board of Directors for their tireless work.