Friday, April 17, 2009

Billy McLaughlin appointed as DMRF Ambassador

Personal testimonies are the most effective way to raise dystonia awareness and we are grateful to all of you who have shared your personal story so that others can better understand what dystonia is and how it changes the lives of those affected. Every time you talk about your dystonia – you are helping someone to know about dystonia.

The Foundation is proud to announce the appointment of musician and person extraordinaire, Billy McLaughlin to the position of DMRF Ambassador. Billy knows all to well what it means to struggle with dystonia and how it feels to think that you are alone in this battle. Remarkably, Billy has learned how to continue his musical career and agreed to share his story in the new documentary film, “Changing Keys: Billy McLaughlin and the Mysteries of Dystonia”, that made its world premiere in Minneapolis last month. The film will be broadcast on Minnesota Public Television, TPT beginning on Sunday, April 19th (

If you have access to TPT, we encourage you to watch this wonderful film. Billy’s touring schedule can be found at his site ( or receive notices through the DMRF’s enewsletter.

Keep on sharing your stories. Everyone makes a difference – and thank you!

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