Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mahlon DeLong Awarded Breakthrough Prize

Mahlon DeLong, MD—to know him is to appreciate what a very special person he is. Last week he was recognized by a much wider audience for how incredible he is when Dr. DeLong was awarded the Breakthrough Prize—or what they are calling the “Oscars of Science”—for his work on the interlocking circuits in the brain that malfunction in Parkinson’s disease. The scientific foundation underlies the circuit-based treatment of Parkinson’s disease by deep brain stimulation. We offer our congratulations to Dr. DeLong on this major award. We are honored to work with him and to have the benefit of his guidance as the DMRF’s Scientific Director for nearly 20 years. Our hope for achieving our mission is renewed because of the truly amazing work and tireless devotion of people like Dr. DeLong. Thank you for your efforts and many congratulations on this wonderful prize.

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