Thursday, November 7, 2013

Running for Those Who Can't

Webster's dictionary says to run is move with your legs at a speed that is faster than walking. The DMRF says to run is to dedicate yourself to doing something that so many cannot because of their dystonia: “Running for those who can’t.” This past weekend runners from the east coast to the west coast took to the streets to run marathons and half marathons because they were motivated to do so for the many who have generalized dystonia, cervical dystonia, or blepharospasm and who can’t run. They trained for months to prepare for their events. They sacrificed family time, personal time, because they wanted to be a part of the DMRF’s efforts to find a cure for dystonia.

On the West coast:  Carrie Siu Butt ran because she finally can run.  Carrie has dystonia and she has been running and challenging her body in many ways since her deep brain stimulation (DBS).  This was her last half marathon and she made it look easy--but we know it wasn’t. She continues to inspire us and we are so happy for her and so proud of her accomplishment.

On the East coast: The DMRF team of 10 set out to battle the winds, the bridges and the thousands of other runners in the New York Marathon. They ran to honor a loved one living with dystonia or because, after learning about dystonia, they wanted to be the legs for the people who are not able to run.  They worked so hard to prepare for Sunday and all finished strong.  We’re thankful to all our runners: Megan Crofton, Jennifer DeVore, Basil Fedorchenko, Marnie Kudon, Ricky McAndress, Matty Merill, Tatyana Sharoubim, Danielle Wanglien, Jessica Wetters, and Laura Willis

Congratulations to all! We are humbled by your commitment and your actions. Thank you for your sweat, blisters and tears. The funds you raised will be put to good use with our research program.  Thank you!

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