Monday, June 29, 2009

DMRF Support Group Leader Appreciation Week

Support group leaders are amazing people. Despite their own challenges in living with dystonia, they work tirelessly to help others affected by dystonia. They are the backbone of the DMRF and the work they do is vital to the Foundation’s mission and our ability to really provide support to patients and their families. We are so pleased to announce that the week of June 29th will be DMRF Support Group Leader Appreciation Week!

It is fitting that this recognition be the week our nation celebrates the Independence Day holiday – as support group leaders are key to supporting those affected by dystonia to achieve independence from dystonia. Through their ongoing efforts support group leaders provide opportunities for education and learning to take place. Every day, these unsung heroes are helping people connect with other people – providing them with a precious gift – knowing that they are not alone in this battle and that the Foundation is here for them and their families. Because of these leaders, many people now know that dystonia does not define them.

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