Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our salute to you

DMRF Founders Fran and Sam Belzberg in Vancouver with the Olympic torch. Sam Belzberg was an official flame carrier and is pictured here in the uniform of those who carried the torch for these games.

Athletes prepare for years to qualify for the Olympic competition. They work tirelessly on conditioning, skill building and strategy – all with an eye toward the dream of winning a gold, silver or bronze medal someday. Persons living with dystonia are all gold medal winners in our eyes. They too work tirelessly to develop the skills it takes to manage life with dystonia, creating strategies for how to overcome the limitations dystonia has imposed and the effort to do this is equal or more than that of an Olympiad. We salute those struggling to overcome the burdens of dystonia and go into our annual meeting, research reviews and planning for 2010, inspired by your stories, your courage and strength.

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