Friday, February 19, 2010

DMRF Update

Pictured above are Jan Teller (standing) and Mahlon DeLong.

The DMRF has been working to prepare for the annual meeting of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MSAC) and Board of Directors meetings scheduled for February 25 to 27th. This is a busy but exciting time for the Foundation. Our wonderful MSAC members will review the grant and fellowship applications – discussing the scientific merit and the applications relevancy.

I wish everyone could witness this process as these reviews are thorough and thoughtful. Our MSAC members work with an understanding of the urgency in the community and the need for us to invest in those projects and investigators that are most likely to produce another piece of this dystonia puzzle – leading us to have a fuller scientific picture. Leading this effort is Mahlon DeLong, the Foundation’s Scientific Director and Jan Teller, the Foundation’s Science Officer – we are fortunate to have the benefit of these two dedicated individuals and are grateful to them for all they do for the DMRF and the dystonia community.

Joining us this year for this meeting will be the President and Executive Director of the European Dystonia Federation (EDF). We know that solving the dystonia mystery is going to take a global effort and we are so pleased that they are joining us for this meeting and discussions on how we can continue our collaboration going into 2010 and beyond.

The DMRF Board will also be discussing a number of new and exciting program initiatives. We look forward to sharing those with all of you following the meeting. Stay tuned for research and program announcements in March.

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