Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jan Teller is DIA Paitient Advocate Fellow

Congratulations to Jan Teller, DMRF’s Chief Scientific Officer on his recognition from the Drug Information Association (DIA) as a Patient Advocate Fellow.  Dr. Teller will represent the DMRF at the upcoming DIA annual meeting in Boston, MA.  He is one of 19 representatives selected from patient organizations working on rare or underrepresented diseases.

While at this national meeting, Dr. Teller will meet on drug discovery, management of pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and other clinical applications. Fellows will also be given a unique opportunity to meet with policymakers, industry representatives, and research institutions.  It is good to know dystonia will be represented so well at this important meeting.  Many thanks to Dr. Teller for his efforts here and with all he does for the dystonia community. Way to go!!

Dr. Teller (left) works closely with DMRF Scientific Director Mahlon R. DeLong, MD, Professor of Neurology, The Emory Clinic, on all aspects of the DMRF Science Program.

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