Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nothing can stop us!

This past weekend 200 people traveled to Chicago to participate in the DMRF’s John H. Menkes Children & Family Symposium. Traveling when you are affected by dystonia is challenging yet these people and their families did and the result was a fabulous gathering of learning, support and wonderful memories. The program was expanded to include adults with focal dystonias – cervical dystonia; focal hand dystonia; dopa-responsive-dystonia; laryngeal dystonia or spasmodic dysphonia and then kids with generalized dystonia; DYT1 dystonia and myoclonic-dystonia. It didn’t matter what form you had – the emphasis was on meeting one another and learning that no one with dystonia needs to battle alone. We had world-class speakers providing information and many new friendships were formed. The DMRF is proud to serve this community and we are ready and willing to assist anyone who needs help – after this weekend we have new volunteers who are also willing to support those who need are facing each day with dystonia.

Thank you to all who made the effort to join us – to all of our wonderful speakers and to our fabulous volunteers. Together – there is nothing that can stop us!

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