Monday, June 13, 2011

Dystonia Awareness Week Reflections

Increasing awareness of dystonia is an ongoing challenge but with the continued efforts of this community – we will help people truly understand what dystonia is and how it changes lives. We’ve just completed Dystonia Awareness Week and we want to thank the many people who made a special effort these past seven days to tell their stories – to reach out and talk about dystonia. We are grateful to those of you who ‘tweated’ during dystonia twitter day on Tuesday of this past week, to those of you who have shared your stories by becoming a part of the Faces of Dystonia program, and to those of you who shared your story through the media – it all makes a difference! Whether you are telling of your experiences through a national outlet or while standing in line at the grocery store – you are giving selflessly so that others will learn about dystonia. Every effort counts. Congratulations on your good efforts. Let’s keep it up!

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