Friday, May 22, 2009

Brian's Run

Many people take running for granted – thinking their legs will go whenever they want – moving. This is not the case for those living with dystonia. This is certainly not the case for Brian Stephenson. Dystonia took control of his body when he was a kid, 12 years old. Similar to the experiences of others, dystonia mysteriously invaded his body. His jaw was affected first. His voice was next and finally his neck. Dystonia not only robbed him of his ability to control his body but also robbed him of much of his childhood.

Like so many living with dystonia, Brian embodies courage and strength. His story inspires. Brian is an accidental hero who proclaims to all, “I run because I can. And I run for those who can’t.”

Several years ago, Brian underwent DBS – traveling from his home in Western MI to Chicago for the surgery and subsequent programming, and then for the treatment of the numerous infections he has experienced. He started running to make a statement about his commitment to living life to its fullest, now that he had control of his body again. With the support of his wife Robyn and his two beautiful daughters, Brian will be running in the Chicago Marathon on behalf of dystonia and the DMRF. He is amazing and his dedication unconditional. Join me in wishing Brian the best of luck in his training for this physical challenge. You can follow his training at his blog:

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